Combining elegance, comfort and technology, our DS 3 CROSSBACK compact SUV stands out with its striking shape, emphasised by details that show it to be modern and sophisticated.

Post-production : Astuce Productions

You’ll be amazed by magic door handles that only appear when you need them. The rest of the time they’re concealed, fitting neatly into the bodywork to enhance the sophisticated silhouette of your DS 3 CROSSBACK.


Heightening the elegant appearance of your car, the latest generation DS MATRIX LED VISION projectors also give you a remarkable gift: you can drive with main beam headlamps on all the time without ever blinding other road users.

Thanks to a camera at the top of the windscreen these intelligent headlamps automatically adapt their beam of light to prevailing traffic conditions.

The DS MATRIX LED VISION projectors are made up of three LED modules for dipped beam as well as a MATRIX BEAM module for driving. This is composed of 15 identical but independent parts that light up and dim progressively depending on road conditions.


When you’re at the wheel of DS 3 CROSSBACK you’ll be centre of attention. With its curvaceous silhouette and large wheels, this compact SUV displays an avant-garde style that’s both powerful and sculpted.


Urban in its soul, DS 3 CROSSBACK provides exceptional interior space despite its compact size. To make it as comfortable as possible, we’ve included plenty of convenient and functional storage, a folding rear seat and a 350-litre boot.
The way your car is powered might change but your demands won’t. That is why our 100% electric DS 3 CROSSBACK E-Tense has been designed to offer the same level of comfort as our petrol or diesel models, without compromising interior space or boot size.


Puntos fuertes

Immerse yourself in sophistication inside DS 3 CROSSBACK. For your interior, we’ve paid close attention to the quality of the materials and finish of every detail.


Beneath the touchscreen, the central fascia is spectacularly stylish. Echoing our brand emblem, the touch controls and two central air vents take the shape of diamonds.


Celebrating Paris, DS 3 CROSSBACK’s interior remains faithful to the DS style philosophy: personalisation. Mould the interior of your car in your own image by choosing from five themes called DS Inspirations.


Whether on short or long journeys, comfort inside DS 3 CROSSBACK is the same: exceptional. In front and rear seats alike, we have incorporated double density foam using an innovative treatment to give a base that is enveloping and high quality.

And because moments of peace are precious, especially around town, our engineers have made sure that your car provides superior insulation from noise and vibration.


Helped by our high technology and intuitive driving position you’ll be able to concentrate on what matters most: enjoying yourself.

We have designed the cockpit of DS 3 CROSSBACK so that all information and controls are instantly accessible.


Access your car’s controls via the wide 10.3” touchscreen and find driving information on the 7” digital display.

For maximum comfort, you can personalise the information shown on the display such as speed, fuel level, distance covered, driver aids and navigation, according to your needs.

Base de donnée : Astuce Productions


Available in spring 2019, DS 3 CROSSBACK E-Tense makes the way to a a new generation of electric vehicles. An exclusive conception and design, out new  100% electric SUV is a demonstration of technological avancement and refinement


A one of a kind object

Dreaming of a unique car model to match your desire for aesthetics and innovationtions? Meet the brand new DS 3 CROSSBACK La Premiere. This limited edition is as refined as technologically advance…

Only available in limited edition, DS 3 CROSSBACK La Premiere is the most luxurious and
Be the first of the selecte few to experience DS 3 CROSSBACK La Premiere, delivery starts from April 2019